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1) With us the tenants funds are deposited directly into your account, it does not go through our account first.  Your money will always be in your own account and not stuck in someone else's waiting to be processed.

2) We invoice you for our work, we do not take our cut off the top.  If you and we are having a disagreement the risk is on us to collect our 10% fee instead of you fighting for your 90%.  We of course are not risking a mortgage like you are!

3) We are reachable and we call back.  We can provide references that will confirm that.


After having built two other businesses for someone else we decided to finally start one for ourselves.

We had some ideas and had some great feedback (complaints) from some of our clients to really push us to create something new.  We did.

Our clients get their money faster and never feel like they are at risk - because the owner gets paid first.

We advertise where tenants look - on Kijiji.  We pay for professional pictures... just go look on Kijiji and you'll find them.  

We call back! We don't avoid tough issues or mistakes, we keep our clients in the loop and show them we care.  We own up to our mistakes and our clients can tell you we hold ourselves accountable even when it costs us.

We are constantly developing new ways to do business better.  To collect rent faster.  To fix that issue faster.  To